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Middletwin for Business

We just learned how to do this…

The similarities between any type of club, like a car club, and a business are pretty easy to spot. Both have customers. Both send email. Both do communications with their customers. So this got us thinking… why not put on a suit and get down to business?

Middletwin (#M9) is now open for business… for businesses. That’s right, if you have a business and you want a platform that you can use as a CRM, for omni-channel communications, and for managing occasional events… give us a try. We got some pretty great tools that you can use, and we have some of the best support around.

Our plans start at just 10 bucks a month, that’s 2 latte’s a month, and we love latte’s!

Drop us an email at to start a convo.


Row the boat

There is an analogy when dealing with groups that if your group was all in the same boat, and each person had a paddle, would they all be rowing in the same direction? If not, your boat would be spinning in circles or not moving at all.

Why is your group rowing in different directions?

There can be many reasons, but one of them might be related to the tools a group chooses to use to manage themselves. Read on to learn more.

Everyone wants to help, however that help should be done in a way that the group can use, and not just the one person doing the work. Why? Because that person may not always be around to help.

A great example of this is the simple act of managing a list of all the members in a group. This might seem trivial at first, and it might be, but imagine that a person starts working on this, they use a spreadsheet or database that they are familiar with and no one else in the group has any experience with. The list grows to hundreds, when someone wants to send an email to all the members they need to get a copy of the list… now there are 2 copies, do they stay in sync? Does the third party email system sell your mailing list? Then someone wants to send out letters for membership renewals.. that generates another list… are you sending out mail with stamps? you need a mailing list, getting checks in the mail? How does the group manage which members have paid and which ones are late and which ones did not renew at all?

Now what happens when the person managing the membership list retires or leaves?

While having someone who is willing to manage your list of members is great, having them do that using their own tools is problematic, and does not really benefit the group.

Using a dedicated system like Middletwin, all group admins can access the membership list. Emails can be sent from Middletwin, so no need to generate copies of the list for another system or risk a third party selling your membership list. You can link your bank account and members can sign up and renew their membership online using a credit card. No stamps, no mailings. One of the best parts of using a dedicated system is that it can be easily transferred to another person when necessary. Its documented, and there is help and training available if you need it.

Get your group rowing in the same direction, get your group Middletwin. It’s never to late.


Customize your responses

When it comes to making the best platform for your club, we are relentless. Now you can create beautiful custom email templates to use as responses for event and vendor registrations. Simply build the email template in the email editor and then in the event setup select the template to use. Don’t forget that you can use custom tags in the email template to personalize the response.

Let us know how Middletwin can work for your group.


Member ID Cards

Making member ID cards just got an easy button.

Creating member ID cards in Middletwin is just a button click. You will notice on the member list a new button that looks like an ID card icon

The member id card button

This will take you to a new page with ID cards laid out and ready to print using Avery business card template. Just make sure you have blank templates loaded in your printer.

Note that the current filtering for the member list will be used when generating the member ID cards.

And lastly, if you have a club logo setup for the member portal, that logo will be placed prominently on each member ID card.

Your member ID card, don’t leave home without it.


Your Photos

We recently added a photo album to the member portal social page, allowing your members to easily see all the photos that they have posted.

The photo album

Clicking on a photo thumbnail will enlarge the image so the members can see it more clearly. As they add images the album will grow.

Give your members their own dedicated member space, give them Middletwin.


Get organized with Folders

We are happy to announce that we have added a customer requested feature… folders. Now customers can organize their files into groups by creating folders and putting the files into the folders. We also added a splash of color by letting you set the folder to any color you like, to help with organization. This change brought with it a re-think of how files were displayed in the admin portal, in a grid, and we display them in a way that is nearly identical to how your member see them, allowing you to visually see them in the same way as your members. We also simplified the tasks of file/folder management by putting the controls right where the files and folder are.

This change is live now in the web portals and will be coming out with the next release of the mobile app for members.


Get Validated

Customize the sender of emails that you send to your members by providing your own sender email address. By default we use the, not very personal, and you won’t see the reply emails, but with email validation you can validate your own email address and use it as the sender email address to give your emails a professional touch and allow replies to come to you.

There is a lot to Middletwin, learn more by scheduling a demo.


Habla Español

Your Spanish speaking members will enjoy our latest update to the member portal because they can now set the language to Spanish and all the apps labels and descriptions will appear in Spanish. This clearly helps set Middletwin out as a better solution for your members because we now open the doors to your group to a wider audience than our competition.

Setup a time to see a live demo of Middletwin today and see what else makes us better.


Announcing Tiered Pricing for memberships

We get it, organization’s are not a “one size fits all” when it comes to how they manage their memberships, this is why Middletwin added new member tiered pricing. With tiered pricing you can configure different joining prices for new members based on either the month of the year or the quarter. Or membership pricing flexibility is as dynamic as your group is, that is why we made it.

Give us a call if your group uses a tiered pricing structure and you want to begin using the best club management solution available today.

We are always working to meet you where you are, in the middle.

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