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Digital voting made easy

Sample Ballot
Sample Ballot

With Middletwin’s new online balloting system, your event participants and other voters can vote on their favorite cars using their own iPhone or Android mobile devices. Middletwin allows you to generate as many one time use ballots that you need for your event, print them out using a standard printer, and all you need to do is distribute them.

You set the time that voting begins and ends, so voters will not be able to submit votes too early or after you have closed voting, allowing you to ensure accurate results.

Even with the online participant voting, you will still be able to manually enter in votes as well, this allows you to handle any situations where network connectivity or any other unforeseen issues might arise.

Other solutions might offer this as an additional feature for hundreds extra, but with Middletwin it is included as a part of the suite. No additional cost.

Setup a time for a demo and see why Middletwin is the right fit for your car club.


It takes a team

It takes months of planning and preparation to put on an amazing car show, we know because we have been doing it for years. When finding people to help it can be difficult to find helpers who know what they are doing and will contribute to the hard work needed, and this is where Middletwin can help. Add us to your list of helpers because we are here to help, you will get technical expertise, advice on how to manage operations, and guidance on what to do and what not to do. Does our competition offer this?

You don’t need to look any further than Middletwin to find a partner for your car club and car shows.

To learn more go to today and sign up for a demo or a free trail account today.


Event Registration Frustration?

Do you get frustrated or stressed out at the thought of managing registration for your events? Do your participants get frustrated or stressed out when they are registering for your events? If so, Middletwin can help.

With Middletwin we have simplified the registration process to make it easier for everyone. You can setup online pre-registration, allowing your participants to signup online using a credit or debit card. The participant will get an email with their details, and you will get an email letting you know that someone has registered. No more spreadsheets or databases, no more depositing checks and having to deal with bounced checks, no more trying to read bad handwriting on forms or dealing with participants claiming they mailed in their registration weeks ago.

Setup a time today to see a demo of Middletwin, let us be your partner and take the frustration out of managing event registrations.


Midwest Mopars in the Park knocks it out of the Park again using Middletwin

Midwest Mopars in the Park is one of the top 3 all Mopar shows in the nation and according to Mopar Collectors Guide one of the “Must go to” shows for all Mopar enthusiasts. The 40th anniversary show in 2024 was no exception, with 1200 show cars and specialty displays that included nearly every color of 1971 Cuda, an A12 reunion, and 15 if the rare and unique A100 pick trucks and vans, we can see why.

But behind all of the amazing cars the Midwest Mopars car club, a nearly 500 member club based out of Minnesota, relies heavily on the Middletwin platform to help make the show come together and run as smooth as possible.

With Middletwin, the club can setup the shows details like car classes, online pre-registration, volunteer signup and management, and swap space management. Also, because Middletwin is a proven cloud based SAAS platform, multiple club and show managers are able to access the same data at the same time in realtime, reducing the need to email around documents.

With online pre-registration, participants can register online using a credit card, reducing the need to have participants write out their information and mail a check, and saving club volunteers from having to try to read poor handwriting and go to the bank to deposit checks – that sometimes bounce! This makes the process very easy, and with the low (currently 2.9%) processing fee, is a win for everyone.

Show staff are able to setup volunteers and schedules online to meet their needs. Any open shifts can be made available for members or public to see and signup for online.

With the built in communication tools staff can easily create and send beautiful emails to participants of the show to inform them of any changes to the show, like road construction or schedule changes.

The Middletwin team is proud to have been the technology behind the Mopars in the Park car show for the last 12 years and we look forward to continuing to grow and be a part of the Midwest Mopars car clubs solutions in the future.

For more information you can go to and sign up for a demo or a free 30 day trial account. Email if you have any questions.


Middletwin uses Sendgrid

Today Middletwin is excited to announce that we switched from our previous email provider to Twilio’s SendGrid. SendGrid’s email platform offers Middletwin’s customers a reliable and scalable email infrastructure. Email is complex, but with SendGrid, our customers are set up for success with proven results of 97% delivery rates (12% over the industry average) and a 6% increase in open rates, according to SendGrid.

Middletwin is an industry leading platform for groups to use to manage their membership, events, and communications. Our platform gives our customers the tools they need to effectively manage all aspects of their groups, and group members get a dedicated portal that allows them to interact with their group.

For more info, check out and sign up for a demo or for a free 30-day trial.


13 Years of Mopars in the Park

This year marks the 13th year that the Middletwin platform has been the platform of choice for the Midwest Mopars car club. The Middletwin platform has grown every year to accommodate this national car show with managing the 100s of registrations, the voting, the payment processing using Stripe, communication, and more.

Find out how Middletwin can help your group get to the next level and serve your members in a whole new way. Sign up for a demo today using this link


Refunds (not tax refunds)

Middletwin group and event mangement platform

Middletwin is the premiere platform for clubs to use to manage their membership, events, and communications. With this latest update, available today, Middletwin makes tracking and managing credit card purchases super easy, and now you can also refund credit card transactions.

Lets face it, sometimes accidental credit card purchases happen, weather is a duplicate charge or an accidental purchase, or whatever the case might be, they happen. With this latest update club administrators with admin, finance, or membership management permission, can easily issue a credit card refund with the click of a button.

Middletwin uses Stripe for all our credit card processing, and Stripe will also handle the refund processing. Refunds typically take 5-10 days to process, and the Middletwin club will not incur any additional fees for the refund processing, but will still be responsible for the original fees associated with the initial purchase.

To learn more about Middletwin you can sign up today for a demo here, or signup for a free trial here,


How to be a super club

If you want your club to have super powers, then you need tools that give you those powers. Middletwin provides you with the tools to free you up to go back to enjoying your club again, and shows your members that you care enough for the best for them.

Some of the tools are:

  • Member management
  • Accept credit cards
  • Event/Show management
  • Online event ticket sales and participant registration
  • Online club store
  • Member portal
  • Email/campaign management
  • Financial reports

And that is just the start. Signup for a demo of Middletwin or a free 30 day trial and see how you can be a super hero.

Signup for a demo here:
Signup for a free 30 day trial here:


Know your clubs sales with Middletwin

We are constantly making updates, and with a recent update to the Middletwin platform you now have insight into your clubs sales like never before.

Now, not only can you see all the transactions, you can also see if they succeeded or were incomplete. At a glance you can find the name and email address of the customer. And see the approximate transaction fees along with many other details. This view really helps clubs to reconcile their Middletwin transactions with bank records.

On top of this, we have improved the purchasing experience of your clubs customers. With the new experience your customers can see everything in one screen.

Get a better view of your clubs sales and provide a better experience for your customers, get Middletwin.


Car Show Spotlight: Midwest Mopars in the Park

The Midwest Mopars in the Park car show is a national car show and swap meet that is organized by the Midwest Mopars car club. The show always takes place in Minnesota on the weekend after memorial day, and is currently located at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Stillwater. The event is estimated to be at least the third largest all Mopar show and swap meet in the United States.

Cars at the show are organized by classes. There are approximately 50 different classes for cars based on year, body style, customizations, and a number of other factors. The owner of each car that registers for the show is given a ballot and is asked to go through the show and vote for their favorite car in each class. These votes are then tallied on Sunday and used to determine class winners.


Cars can pre-register for the show beginning in January of the shows year. This year the shows organizers decided to have all car pre-registrations performed online only, eliminating mail in registrations. This decision was made to help streamline the process for the show staff, improve the accuracy of the data, and was also based on the ease of how the process works due to the online registration process that the Middletwin platform offers.

Car Numbering

When cars register a car number is automatically assigned to the car based on the class the car is in. The class and number can easily be changed if it is determined that a car is not in the correct class.

Dash Cards

After pre-registration is complete, the staff can easily print out nice, easy to read dash cards for the cars. They can be printed by the staff using their own printers at home, or the data can easily be exported and sent to a printer to have them printed.

Participant Registration During Event

During the event participants who did not pre-register can easily register at the event. Their information can be entered in by staff, this process is streamlined by allowing staff to search previous events for the participants information as many participants have attended prior events.


Ballots are required to be turned in by 11:00 on the last day of the event. At anytime during the event staff can begin entering in votes into the Middletwin system. Entering in a complete ballot only takes a minute or so to complete due to the ease of use with which the Middletwin system provides.

Vote Results

After all the ballots have been entered event staff can easily get a printable list of the results with the click of one button. The list shows the top ten cars, by vote, in each class and shows the number of votes the top 10 cars received. Weighted averages are also provided to assist with analysis of the results.


The awards process is streamlines by having a printout of the results that includes the car information and the owners name, so staff don’t have to just say a car number. It really adds a nice personal touch with very little effort by the event staff.

The Mobile App

In addition to all this, Middletwin provided a mobile app, new for 2023, that event spectators and participants could download to their iphone or android devices to view the shows schedule, maps, vendors, and food options.

Future Events

With the Middletwin platform, planning for next years event is made easy because they can create the event in the Middletwin platform by copying the previous years event, really reducing the amount of configuration down to just making minor changes.

The Money

Because of the online pre-registration the event staff did not need to deal with checks in the mail, bad checks, or running to the bank. The event took in approximately $10,000 before the event began and it was all automatically processed and deposited directly to the clubs bank account. And within the Middletwin platform staff can easily see each of the transactions and have a dashboard with totals.


The Middletwin platform has a built in email builder and campaign tool, similar to other third party solutions. With these tools the staff for the car show were able to create and send an email a few days before the event to to nearly 500 pre-registered participants to inform them of what to expect when they arrive at the event, and how to streamline their entry. And then after the show the organizers were able to send a thank you email to all the participants. It only took a few minutes of time to create and send hundreds of emails, yet made a big impact.

In summary, what makes Midwest Mopars in the Park a great event year after year is the amazing people that host the event, the amazing volunteers that help make the event happen, the fantastic participants who continue to bring their cars every year, and the tools that Middletwin provides to help streamline many of the processes that go on behind the scenes. Middletwin can do this for your group too, please reach out to us on the contact us page and find out how.

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